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Beautiful teeth add to the appearance of an individual. Good looks of the teeth mainly depend on the perfect teeth alignment and the shape of the teeth. These have a marked impact on the smile of the person and thus the confidence.

Orthodontics (more commonly known as braces) literally means “straight teeth”, a branch of dentistry that diagnoses, prevent and treat the problems in alignment of teeth and jaws using dental braces and retainers.

Most people think that orthodontics is meant for growing teens. In fact, orthodontic treatment is meant for anyone who desires a more aesthetically appealing profile. Many people tend to put it off till later. Well, if you do it sooner than later, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an attractive smile earlier in your life. And before you know it, your life may be drastically improved due to better confidence and a more attractive smile.

The length of treatment varies depending on the complexity of the orthodontic problem that requires correction, growth and tissue response to treatment as well as the level of patient cooperation during their treatment. Generally, the length of comprehensive orthodontic treatment can range from one to three years.

We Offer :

  • Regular metal braces
  • Self ligating braces
  • Tooth colored ceramic braces
  • Clear aligners ( removable and invisible )